andy sixx (Black Veil Brides)

Here is an article that is going to tell you facts and opinions from people that you should know about the famous celebrity Andy Sixx, from the band the “Black Veil Brides“. His real name is “Dennis Biersack” to be exact and all. His dad was the person that gave him the name that he uses throughout his career and band.

Andy Sixx, has many talents even ones you wouldn`t expect from a lead singer. He plays the bass guitar, the keyboard (Piano) and even sings. Now, Andy six or if you want to call him by his real name “Dennis Biersack” can also Scream while singing in his songs. This was shown in some of his songs like “knives and pens” and “perfect weapons” more than his other newer songs like “the Legacy”.

Most people would say that Andy Sixx had become famous due to the internet. Now, the question is from somewhere but where? Was it YouTube? Facebook? Twitter? Well, it was from a mix of things but mostly from MySpace. MySpace was known before Facebook and overall created before it as well. Andy six, had taken over 75 photos and put them on MySpace when MySpace was somewhat new. This caused people to see who he was. The girls loved the way he looked.

YouTube was a big contributor for Andy sixx as an individual and the black veil brides when starting up and becoming famous. Andy six, had started a simple vlog (video Blog) and made many fans from it. He kept them short and very funny, the girl fans would make comments on how nice his short/scene hair cut would look and how he had amazing bright blue eyes. These things got people`s attention, his looks, his funny personalities and his smile (what the girls would say). Andy sixx is also known for his “Andy Sixx Hair

They said that Andy Six was bullied as a teenager because he dressed as selective way like an emo with black hair and painted figure nails. This is what inspired him to try and send out his message with the “Black Veil Bride”. Andy six, at a young age decided to lose weight this was shown in one of their songs called “Knifes and pens”.

Andy six was born a small town in Milwaukee- Wisconsin and was known for being the “outcast” throughout his life and school career`s. They say that Andy 6, was a character created to hide himself from the dangers of the world. This gave him strength within himself and now he is trying to show everyone that the only person standing in the way is yourself and you can overcome this at any time. His parents’ names are Amy and Chris. There is a growing fan base for Andy 6 and the Black Veil Brides it will soon become something like the band “kiss” and other rock and roll leagues.




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